“Letter to the United States” By Alexander Byvshev

A new poem was sent to me from Александр Бывшев in Russia. If you don’t remember, I worked with some other Springfield poets to translate some of Byvshev’s work back in the fall. I am awaiting an update on his situation, but I believe he is still facing criminal charges for his poems that speak against Russia or basically voice any political opinion that is sympathetic to Ukraine or any country other than Russia. Regardless of whether or not one agrees with Byvshev’s opinions, we can all certainly be inspired that he continues to write even under heavy fire from those who would condemn him for speaking his mind. I am again reminded that it should never be taken for granted that we do not face such condemnation in the US! I haven’t had a chance to properly translate this one yet, but below is the rough google translation. I am overwhelmed that my simple act of translating and sharing a couple poems has made such an impact on the other side of the world!


To Angie Antonucci

From the greedy jaws of Leviathan
I am writing to you a short letter.
My soul – one big wound.
On the forehead “Traitor” – burned stamp.

Live like human beings, on the discord without spending years –
We tasted this grace.
You light the torch of the Statue of Liberty,
And here we can not see an age of freedom.

Divided we dalyu of the blue …
Let faith in the best quite weak,
My heart’s crippled by pain,
Warmed your kind words.

There, where the United States, the sun sets,
Russia plunging into mourning black clouds.
To full darkness for long stays.
Thank you for your beam of hope …

In the stomach rumbling monster ever stronger.
Nazhrёtsya victim he once …
Goodbye, my dear Angel! … In parting,
Take my air kiss.

(31 January 2015)

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