Today, on National Coming Out Day…

I feel it’s important to share something I’ve been keeping to myself for a while now. I’m grateful for a day that encourages acceptance and support. For me, this day is about being who you truly are and accepting yourself and announcing to yourself and others that you’re going to be that true self regardless of how anybody else may judge you for it. So, with that being said, I think I’m finally ready to take the next step and admit out loud who I truly am.


I’ve known for a long time, maybe forever. I’m ashamed to admit now that I ever wanted to be anything else. I spent so much time pretending I could be a Gryffindor–a Ravenclaw at least–I avoided the sorting for so long because I was afraid it would tell me what I already knew. But now I know that loving myself as I am is much more important than fitting in or winning a house cup. So I am ready to embrace and celebrate my house with pride! I’m a Slytherin. A totally queer Slytherin. And I support everyone needing courage today and every day to take a brave step forward to express their own perfect, wonderful, true selves. Even Hufflepuffs. 😊😘